The Uber Leggera

For the last few months, we have been concentrating on making the lightest wooden chair in the world.  It all started when my my engineering school buddy, Jon Kipp came to Southern California for a shop visit. Ihad been working on the CNC cutting files for the chair for months but felt they were a long way from being ready to make something,  Jon said "What are you waiting for?  Lets build it!".  Jon is a great engineer, a brilliant problem solver and was ready to roll his up his sleeves.   It turns out I was right....and Jon was right too.  Forty eight hours later, after a number of work-arounds, redesigns and re-cuts, we were sitting in our first laser-cut plywood chair.  As the photo below on the right alludes, we were not sitting on it for too long before we discovered a weak spot.   But we made a chair! and it weighed only 2.6Kg...and that made me wonder: What is the lightest wooden chair in the world?