Gio Ponti's Superleggera

When I went to do some research on the subject, I found this chair that I was familiar with from my time as a vintage Modern furniture dealer but I had never purchased or even sat in one I also did not realize that this chair held the minimalist title of Lightest Wooden Chair tipping the scales at 1.7Kg.  Almost a full kilogram lighter than our first chair.

From Cassinas Web site: 

Design: 1951 - 7
Production: 1957 to the present
Manufacturer: Figli di Amedeo Cassina,
Meda, near Milan
Size: 82.5 x 40 x 44.5; seat height 45.5 cms
Material: varnished ash wood, Spanish cane

Ponti himself describes this chair as the “normal,” “true” chair, the “chair-chair devoid of adjectives.”1 With it, the architect pursued his own standard of keeping things to a bare minimum. At the same time, Ponti’s interest in classic forms finds expression in the chair, just as it does in his buildings. Ponti borrowed the concept for “Superleggera” (super-lightweight) from a series of simple, traditional chairs that have been produced since the nineteenth century in a plant near the Ligurian fishing village of Chiavari. Their stable, lightweight construction and low price made them extremely popular.